Registration Information

Playing Age

Playing age is determined by the player’s age as of 04/30/2023. Parents may request that a player "play-up" to an older league under certain conditions.

Playing Up

Players wishing to play-up, may play-up one year – NOT one league. They must also attend a mandatory assessment and gain the approval of the WYBSL. Please see the current newsletter or our website for scheduling information and other important details. Note: a player who successfully played-up last Fall does not have to attend the mandatory assessment.

Family Plan

Family plan (calculated from highest to lowest registration):

  • First two players @ Full Fee + Fields Fee
  • All other players @ Fields Fund Fee only

Late Registration

Late registration penalties after 03/20/2023. Additional $30.00 per player plus loss of Family Plan discounts (if applicable).

Fields Fee

Each player must add a $24.00 Fields Fund fee to their registration fee. Spring players will receive twelve $2 Raffle Tickets which they can sell to defray this cost. This will be added at payment.

Registration Fees

Sport League Playing Age Registration Fee
Tee-Ball Co-Ed Tee-Ball 4-6 $85.00
Softball Coach-Pitch Softball 7-8 $97.00
  Green Hat 9-10 $102.00
  Red Hat 11-13 $108.00
  Blue Hat 14-18 $113.00
Baseball Coach-Pitch Baseball 7-8 $97.00
  Green Hat 9-10 $102.00
  Red Hat 11-12 $108.00
  Blue Hat 13-14 $113.00
  Black Hat 15-18 $118.00

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